Saturday, December 26, 2015

Steve Gruskin - Interludes: Ocean Tides (1993)

For my third and final album I got for christmas, we have yet another Interludes album! Ocean Tides, released in 1993.
In addition to Gruskin, the album also features Matthew Meister on cello.

This album is magical, like a beautiful lullaby full of synthy bells and beautiful cello playing, set to ocean waves rumbling to the shore. The interludes albums never disappoint. You don't wanna miss this one!

Christmas album 2 of 3 - Ocean Tides!

Steve Gruskin - Holiday Interlides: Eternal Sea (1994)

For my second christmas album post, I have a great Interludes album! It seems I always find more of these releases. This one is special, though, as it is a "Holiday Interludes" CD. How fitting that I receive it on Christmas.

Being a holiday album, Eternal Sea has Christmassy synths and bells, which is absolutely wonderful and definitely puts you in a positive and wintery mood!. It features Kirsten Morgan, who plays the flute and does a great job, with beautiful synths and ocean sounds to accompany her. Yet another must-listen from the Interludes series!

Christmas album 2 of 3 - Eternal Sea!

Robert Martin - Great Peace (1981 - CD QUALITY)

Happy Holidays!
As usual, I got a couple new albums for Christmas to upload here. The first one is Great Peace, by Robert Martin. I have this one up already, but the one previously uploaded was ripped from youtube and was missing a track.  Well, you now get all tracks in awesome quality!

This album is a favorite of mine, especially track 1 - there's a really nice singer on it named Liza Matson, who can also be heard on an obscure Swedish bossa-nova album called "Art & Liza." You can listen to a song from the album here. (This album is highly sought after by bossa nova fans, and the songs were written by Robert Martin. If any of you own this album, send me an e-mail so I can post it here.)

The album isn't electronic. I'll give you a run-down on what you'll hear.

Flute, performed by Bjorn Jim Lindh
Veena Pedal Guitar, performed by Ron Haldorson
Choir, performed by Outsound Choir.

Well, here is Christmas album 1 of 3 - Great Peace!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dick Sutphen - Stress Control (1990)

Another guided meditation and brain programming tape from Dick Sutphen with background music. I have not listened to this in a while, so I do not remember if the background music is something familiar to me or not.

Advertised by Sutphen as "The most powerful brain/mind programming tape in the world."

Stress Control

Dick Sutphen and Upper Astral - The Lighthouse (1984)

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been very busy with college work.

I'm back with another guided meditation tape by Dick Sutphen with backing music by Upper Astral. The music in the background is from their 1983 release Entrance To The Secret Lagoon, which you can download here.

Info about "The Lighthouse":
"This tape is based on Psychosynthesis, a technique used by many psychiatrists to generate positive change. The symbol creates a new line of force in your psyche and can change inner attitudes and outer behavior. Produced with soothing New Age music. Instructions: Lie down and sit comfortably, close your eyes and breathe deeply for 3 minutes. Tun on tape. Dick will direct you through a complete body relaxation, then ask you to vividly fantasize the situation he is describing. Make it real. Perceive anything. You'll be counted up at the end of the tape. For maximum self-change results, use the tape several times a week. Also, during the day, quickly fantasize the symbol on your own when you have an opportunity."

The Lighthouse

Saturday, September 12, 2015

George Winston - Plains (1999)

Great piano solo album by George Winston. This is the original 1999 release of it, and this album features some songs composed by Winston himself. Not much else to say about it except that it's charming piano music, nice to listen to for background music. Found this CD at a thrift store.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sounds Of Nature - Ocean Waves With Subliminals (1988)

Another tape produced by Robert Slap in 1988 of relaxing ocean waves with subliminal effects and suggestions.  Very relaxing stuff.

Ocean Waves (With Subliminals)

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Hello, here is an update of the list of releases we do not have. Remember, There exists many releases that may never have been discovered yet, so those are not on the list either.

*There are a few releases from Karl Schaffner, Daniel Berthiaume and others  that were not put on Valley of the Sun- despite that, I have them named here and still will post them when I get 'em (and when I discover new ones)

*It seems someone has uploaded a photo of the Musical Sounds of Relaxation "Emerald Green" We may be a step closer to finding another one of these wonderful tapes!

NEW!  The Sounds of Relaxation (Appears to be a 3 tape collection released on great american audio corp released in 1990. The info is found here:) 

Robert Slap

Musical Sounds Of Relaxation (Various Artists-All released 1989)
Emerald Green: Musical Sounds of Relaxation
High as a Kite: Musical Sounds of Relaxation
Topaz: Musical Sounds of Relaxation

Galactic Odyssey

Bray Ghiglia

Jerry Crocker
Feather In The Wind (2000)
Rain Prayer (????)

Upper Astral

Daniel Berthiaume
Ego (2009)
Les Grands Classiques For Relaxation (2009)
The Nature of Silence (2009)

David Naegele
Classical Meditations (1980)
Pentatonic Suite (1981)
Reveries (1981)

David Storrs
Aerobic Exercise (1983)

Steven Cooper
The Planets (Unreleased)

Karl Shaffner
The Voyage (19??)
Music For Friends (19??)

Unknown Artist/No Artist Listed
The Beat To The Theta Tape (1978)
Sounds of Nature: Ocean Waves With Subliminals (1988)
Whales and Sounds of The Sea (1992)
Sounds Of Nature: Heartbeat and Ohm (19??)

Robert Martin
You Hit My Heart (1983)
You Are My Friend (1984)
Reality (1979)

Interludes Series (Mike Fraioli, Steve Gruskin, ect)
Holiday Interludes: Eternal Sea (19??)
Hidden Lake (1987)
Classical Lullabies (1992)
Hush Little Baby (1992)
Sleepytime Music (1992)

Majestic Moods Series (Steve Gruskin, ect)

Piano By The Sea (1995)
Irish Fiddle (19??)
Guitar By The Sea (1995)
Celtic Dawn (19??)
Harp By The Sea (1995)
Hymns By The Sea: Sunset Sea (19??)
Hymns By The Sea: Epping Tide (19??)

Dick Sutphen
Astral Projection (1980)
Transcendence (1980)
White Light Meditation (1981)
Confidence and Positive Thinking (1993)
The Gateless Gate (1993)
Temple Of Light (1993)
Alpha Wave Theta Wave (1995)
Hypnotic Om (1995)
Astral Journey (1995)

NEW!  The Sounds of Relaxation (Appears to be a 3 tape collection released on great american audio corp released in 1990. The info is found here:)

NOTE: There are always tapes that we have not discovered the names of yet. So remember, even if it's not on here, we may not have it. Works that are by familiar valley of the sun or GAA artists that are done on other labels will be here too, so if anyone knows of any, bring them up.

Soothing Sounds - Stormy Weather (2002)

I don't remember ever getting this album, but I believe I borrowed it from my library a while back and ripped it to my computer. It's a  nice album, features piano, sax and some other instruments with the sounds of rain in the background. It's a bit more melodic and dramatic than most of the releases here, and I wouldn't recommend it for meditation or yoga. The music definitely does make you think of a bad thunderstorm!

Soothing Sounds - Stormy Weather

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

David Storrs - Channel For The Light (1984)

You've been waiting a long time to hear this....
Well it's finally here! David Storrs' rare 1984 album Channel For The Light has now been found! I had contact with someone who said they owned the tape a few years back but they never came through, I'm glad to say that it is now part of our collection.
David Storrs - Channel For The Light

Saturday, May 9, 2015

David Ison - Ison Sleep System: Sleep & Relax (2009)

I usually don't like listening to new age recording from past 2003, as I have always thought that electronic music began to decline rapidly after that year. (Music from now-a-days, forget it. That garbage is a mockery of good electronic music.) However, this 2009 album by David Ison is PERFECT. Perfect as in it's relaxing, beautiful, and it really helps me fall asleep. I love listening to all of my collection when I lie in bed, but this one seems to help me fall asleep faster than all the others. Just listen- You'll love it.

David Ison's Sleep System- Sleep and Relax

Gentle Persuasion - Electrifying Thunderstorms (1987) FIXED LINK

Another CD I found at a thrift store, this one is a nice field recording of a thunderstorm. The thunder is pretty loud too. It's nice to listen to in the background, you really feel like there's a storm going on right by you!

Electrifying Thunderstorms

Glad I found it at the thrift store!


Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hey everyone. It's me again.

I don't have an actual tape for you, but I have something I made myself. They are improvised instrumentals I performed and added some hiss and distortion to make them sound like they are ripped from a new age cassette from the 80s. It's my love letter to released like Valley of The Sun.

Hear a sampler here:

Buy Album/Hear full length tracks here:

It's available for five dollars. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor. I have another album coming out soon with a fellow ambient artist.

In the meantime, I hope I can find more actual old releases to upload here.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kim Robertson - Wind Shadows Vol 2 (1983)

This is NOT Valley of the Sun or Great American audio, but it is too good for me not to put up. I was with a friend of mine at a thrift store in her town, and I went searching through their CDs, hoping I'd find some new age music - And I got what I expected! It's great sounding harp music from excellent harp player Kim Robertson- Take a listen for yourself!

Wind Shadows, Vol 2

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Karl Schaffner - Pagan (1993)

Here's a rare one, I've never even heard of this one before! It's always nice to discover a new Schaffner album, Here's what I think about it.

Track 1: One 2 Seven- Almost reminds me of Jam Hammer's Miami Vice theme, pretty funky synth stuff here. Very 80s sounding.
Track 2: Bluebodies - A tribal/jungle feel to this one. Pretty cool. Gets really good with guitars more than halfway in.
Track 3: Starbound - Reminds me of music from a late 1990s Playstation or N64 game. It's pretty good.
Track 4: Serpent - More tribal drums. gets a little boring though.
Track 5: Fancy Dancer - My favorite track on this release. Nice guitar work.

This is clearly not a new age album to meditate to, but a pretty funky album with some world music influences. I suggest checking it out, great background music for working and such,

Karl Schaffner - Pagan