Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sounds Of Nature - Ocean Waves With Subliminals (1988)

Another tape produced by Robert Slap in 1988 of relaxing ocean waves with subliminal effects and suggestions.  Very relaxing stuff.

Ocean Waves (With Subliminals)


  1. It is amazing how this stuff gets published on all these different labels......I was music director, recording engineer and producer for VOS from 82-92 so I must have produced hundreds of titles for Sutphen over that time period......if it has VOS on the label, I had something to do with it.....if you have any questions feel free to contact me at on the web new releases coming out this year, both new age and cool jazz

  2. Robert as a fan of your music catalog and a musician myself (mostly based in the ambient/new age/electronica dominions) Id love to see your early 1982 titles available on cd/cdr. As a musician with an extensive back catalog I try and keep my music available for fans in both digital and hard media(no lps!) for new listeners to discover.
    There is a blip of the music radar indicative of a new generation discovering the soothing, reflective effects of instrumental music of the non-schlock variety.
    Please consider making some of that earlier obscure catalog available again!