Thursday, January 24, 2013

Upper Astral- Manifestation (1981)

Another long-awaited Upper Astral Release, one from 1981.Sounds a bit different from their other releases, but it is still extremely relaxing and amazing. This now means that this blog has every known Upper Astral Release besides Higher-Self Rendezvous. I hope that Upper Astral has other tapes which have not been listed online yet, so we have more of this beautiful music to hear.

Upper Astral - Manifestation

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

UPDATE 4/26/213- 2013 Release listing (WHAT I DO NOT HAVE)

I figured It was time to have a fresh start for the new year and make a new page on what I do not have.
REMEMBER: There may always be releases I do not know exist yet.

*There are a few releases from Karl Schaffner that were not put on Valley of the Sun- despite that, I have them named here and still will post them when I get 'em.

Robert Slap
Search for Utopia (1988)
Atlantis: Healing Temple (1990)

Musical Sounds Of Relaxation (Various Artists-All released 1989)
Emerald Green: Musical Sounds of Relaxation
High as a Kite: Musical Sounds of Relaxation
Mystic Harp: Musical Sounds of Relaxation
Topaz: Musical Sounds of Relaxation

Galactic Odyssey
Celestial Odysseys (1983)

Bray Ghiglia
Lunar Goddess (1994)

Jerry Crocker
Feather In The Wind (2000)

Upper Astral
Higher Self-Rendezvous (19??)
Emergence Into The Light (With Dick Sutphen, 1983)

David Naegele
Dawning of The New Age (1983)
Classical Meditations (1980)
Pentatonic Suite (1981)
Reveries (1981)

David Storrs
Aerobic Exercise (1983)
Channel For The Light (1984)

Steven Cooper
Angels Of The Sun (1988)

Karl Shaffner
The Voyage (19??)
Music For Friends (19??)
Mountains in The Sea (19??)
Flying Carpet (19??)

Unknown Artist
The Beat To The Theta Tape (1978)

Robert Martin

NOTE: There are always tapes that we have not discovered the names of yet. So remember, even if it's not on here, we may not have it.