Sunday, May 11, 2014

Upper Astral's "Skybirds" Re-released?

It seems to be true, I saw it on Sutphen's website. I wonder if that means we can hear a digitally remastered version of that great album?

"Metaphysical Music by Upper Astral with Subliminal Suggestions by Dick Sutphen 
Track 1: Skybirds is structured for you to transcend levels of consciousness, soaring high above the earth as a bird. Seagulls, the sound of the surf, and an acoustic grand piano are used with a synthesizer which creates soaring arpeggios and subtle French horn-like sounds. You’ll feel like you are circling, circling and soaring through a vast emptiness of beautiful music that supports you and soothes your soul. Subliminal voices are saying, “up, up, higher, higher, fly with me,” and similar phrases.
Track 2: Seagulls and surf are combined with an “Ohm”-sounding synthesizer bed and a gentle, melodic French-horn sound to create a soothing, sustained environment."

Karl Schaffner & Lothar Grimm - Meditation: Music For Relaxing (Date Unknown)

Karl Schaffner and Lothar Grimm make more great ambient music together in this album. It was re-released in 2013, but I do not know when the original release of this album was. You'll enjoy this one.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Daniel Berthiaume - Night Music (2000)

This album is probably Daniel Berthiaume's best work in my honest opinion. Great music and it really does make me think of the moon, the stars, and night time. perfect for listening to while lying outside when the crickets are out.


Daniel Berthiaume - Night Music

David Storrs & Tony Selvage - Harmonic Dreamtime (Year Unknown)

This is a straight-up new age album featuring David Storrs and an artist named Tony Selvage. This one is beautiful and it's definitely worth a listen. The two work very well together in these songs.
(Sorry about the brief description, it's late and I have had a couple albums to put up tonight.)

David Storrs - Invaders From Mars- Music From The Film (1986)

This time we have a film soundtrack done by David Storrs. Far from a new age album, but it showcases some great dark ambient and spacey electronic music to hear. I have it uploaded in two seperate parts for you to download. It's a change from what I usually have here, and I've been sitting on this album for months and forgot to upload it, so here it is.

Invaders From Mars (Part 1)
Invaders From Mars (Part 2)

(This is the version I had the music from)

Karl Schaffner - Mountains In The Sea (1984)

A mid 1980s Karl Schaffner, yet another classic released on Isis. I may have too look more into this label to see what other artists put out tapes on it!

This album is a great relaxing sound, Lothar Grimm's name is nowhere to be found on the tape art so I assume this is a solo release from Karl.

Enjoy the great "Mountains In The Sea!"

Karl Schaffner - Mountains In The Sea

Monday, May 5, 2014

Dick Sutphen - 3 Altered-State Experiments (2000)

Altered-State hypnosis/meditation tape by Dick Sutphen, features music from David Naegele's Journey out of the body on track 1, Upper Astral's Crystal Cave: Return To Atlantis on track 2, and unknown music on track 3. Truth be told I haven't tried using these for meditation or anything yet but I plan to.

Dick Sutphen- 3 Altered-State Experiments

Valley Of the Sun Publishing's - Only Subliminals - Confidence & Positive Thinking (1990) FIXED LINK

This tape features excerpts taken from David Naegele's "Dreams of Atlantis", but also includes more music I have never heard before. It's worth a listen, it has subliminal messaging in it I assume- I haven't listened close enough yet.

Only Subliminals (This is the correct link)

Karl Schaffner - Flying Carpet (1984)

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Today we have a great spacey electronic album from Karl Schaffner (With a hint of guitar and traditional instruments!) It is entitled "Flying Carpet" and it was released on Isis in '84/ It has some great tracks on it, such as the ethereal "Passage", the jovial "Sailing" and the guitar backed chilled out "Longitude", among many others. I certainly recommend a listen. Lothar Grimm helps out on this album, much like some of Karl's past works I have posted.

My computer is going through some problems so there are a couple albums I cannot upload here at the moment- but as soon as I have the ability to do so I will upload them.

Daniel Berthiaume - Arizona (2010)

Another fine album from Daniel Berthiaume, I believe this one is self released. It has some nice, relaxing tracks on it.

Daniel Berthiaume- Arizona