Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Upper Astral- Astral Massage

Upper Astral- Astral Massage

Took me forever to find a CD copy of this. a CD copy! I never even knew that those existed for Astral Massage!

Robert Slap: Atlantis: Crystal Chamber

Robert Slap- Atlantis Crystal Chamber

Here you are. Remember to do your part and pitch in on finding releases from Valley of The Sun!

What Do We Have So Far? (UPDATED 9/24/12)

Here are the releases I currently have. Some I own as hard copies, some I only have mp3s of.
Robert Slap- East Of West
Robert Slap- Zen Morning
Robert Slap- Eternal Om
Robert Slap- Ascension To The All That Is
Robert Slap- Atlantis: Crystal Chamber
Robert Slap- Om Sanctuary
Robert Slap- Music For Meditation/Music For Yoga
Robert Slap- Mystic Memories
Robert Slap/Steve Powell- Drive
Robert Slap/Suzanne Ghiglia- Shared Blessings
Robert Slap- New Age Gregorian Chants
Robert Slap/David Naegele- Sedona: The Psychic Vortex Experience
Robert Slap- Reflections Of Reflections
Robin Miller- From My Heart
David Naegele- Dreamscapes
David Naegele- Journeys Out Of Body
David Naegele- Temple In The Forest
David Naegele- Dreams of Atlantis
David Storrs- Manifestation of The Pyramids
Denis Quinn- Open Secret
Pierre Lescaut- Helianthe
Upper Astral- Skybirds
Upper Astral- Journey To The Edge Of The Universe
Upper Astral- Upper Astral Suite
Upper Astral- Astral Massage
Upper Astral- Crystal Cave: Return To Atlantis
Upper Astral- Entrance To The Secret Lagoon
Upper Astral- Finding Your Soul Mate
Steven Cooper- Key West Afternoon
Steven Cooper- Transendence
Steven Cooper- Soulmate Suite
Steven Cooper- Crystal Garden
Dick Sutphen- Trance Sex
Dick Sutphen/Upper Astral- The Alchemist
Unknown- Hypnogogic Sound/Vibration Tape
Musical Sounds Of Relaxation- Aquamarine
Musical Sounds Of Relaxation- Nightwinds
Musical Sounds Of Relaxation- Ocean Echoes
Musical Sounds of Relaxation- Tranquilities
Musical Sounds of Relaxation- You Are The Sea
Karl Schaffner- Many Lives Ago
Karl Schaffner- White Dove
Karl Schaffner- Birds Of Passage
Malcom Stern- Chakra Dance
Gentle Wind And Rain- Inner Vistas
Natopus- Transition
Gloria Thomas- When I Inherit The Wind
Sounds Of Nature- Nightbirds
Sounds of Nature- Desert Oasis
Sounds of Nature- Creek In The Forest

I will post these up on my blog over time.

Please help out and find more of this beautiful meditation music to do your part!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Here are the names of some Valley Of The Sun Releases I cannot find/purchase.
EDIT 6/1/12- I have organized them by artist.

Robert Slap
In The Caverns Of Your Mind (1984)
Search for Utopia (1988)
Atlantis: Healing Temple (1990)

Musical Sounds Of Relaxation (Various Artists)
Emerald Green: Musical Sounds of Relaxation
High as a Kite: Musical Sounds of Relaxation
Snow Dreams: Musical Sounds of Relaxation
Mystic Harp: Musical Sounds of Relaxation
Topaz: Musical Sounds of Relaxation

Galactic Odyssey
Galactic Odyssey (19??)

Bray Ghiglia
Lunar Goddess (1994)

Mario Dufour
Reflexion (1988)

Robert  Martin
Great Peace (1988)

Daniel Berthiaume
The Sacred Fire (1992)

Jerry Crocker
Feather In The Wind (2000)

Upper Astral
Higher Self-Rendezvous (19??)
Manifestation (1981)

David Naegele
Dawning of The New Age (1983)

David Storrs
Aerobic Exercise (1983)
Channel For The Light (1984)
Sedona Sunrise (1985)

Steven Cooper
Angels Of The Sun (1988)

Karl Shaffner
Journey To A Far Land

Robin Miller
Celestial Bridge (19??)

Gentle Wind & Rain


Unknown Artist
The Beat To The Theta Tape (1978)

NOTE: There are always tapes that we have not discovered the names of yet. So remember, even if it's not on here, we may not have it.

Let's all try and find these!

There are probably other titles which I can't find names of.