Thursday, January 8, 2015

Karl Schaffner - Pagan (1993)

Here's a rare one, I've never even heard of this one before! It's always nice to discover a new Schaffner album, Here's what I think about it.

Track 1: One 2 Seven- Almost reminds me of Jam Hammer's Miami Vice theme, pretty funky synth stuff here. Very 80s sounding.
Track 2: Bluebodies - A tribal/jungle feel to this one. Pretty cool. Gets really good with guitars more than halfway in.
Track 3: Starbound - Reminds me of music from a late 1990s Playstation or N64 game. It's pretty good.
Track 4: Serpent - More tribal drums. gets a little boring though.
Track 5: Fancy Dancer - My favorite track on this release. Nice guitar work.

This is clearly not a new age album to meditate to, but a pretty funky album with some world music influences. I suggest checking it out, great background music for working and such,

Karl Schaffner - Pagan

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