Thursday, December 25, 2014

Steve Gruskin - Interludes : Thunder and Waves (1991)

Steve Gruskin with another Interludes release. This one is a different pace and has brass fanfares in it. I would not reccomend this one for meditation, but for work or study (or background music for the house) would be great use for this CD.

Steve Gruskin - Interludes - Mountain Stream

Part 3 of my CD gifts! Another Interludes album, this time with sounds of a mountain stream and beautiful harp music with other instruments. A must have! Part 2 is my favorite out of the two parts.

Steve Gruskin - Mountain Stream

Steve Gruskin - Interludes: Babbling Brook

Part 2 of my Holiday CD gifts! A great Interludes CD I've had my eye on for a while. Beautiful electronic music, flutes, harp and more, set to the sounds of a bubbly brook. Gruskin's Interludes series  always promises, and this one doesn't let down!

Interludes - Babbling Brook

Musical Sounds of Relaxation - Mystic Harp by Carol Emanuel (1989)

Part 1 of my Holiday CD gift! I have 3 other albums to post here as well! The first one is a beautiful mixture of harp and other instrumentals, a wonderful tool for meditation and sleep by skilled harpist Carol Emanuel.

Musical Sounds of Relaxation - Mystic Harp