Saturday, June 23, 2012

Upper Astral- Crystal Cave: Back To Atlantis

Upper Astral- Crystal Cave I had this one already but lost the audio. Here it is again.
I think there's one more known Upper Astral release I don't have.

Another Upper Astral release. Still looking for others.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Robert Slap- East of West

Gloria Thomas- When I Become The Wind

Gloria Thomas- When I become The Wind
This is a UNIQUE release. It isn't really inner harmony music, but a bit of normal pop/country sounding songs with vocals and all. Not a fan of it myself, but it is Valley of The Sun, so here you are.

Steven Cooper- Transcendence

Steven Cooper- Transcendence

From press release: An inner-harmony album of beautiful stream of-consciousness music that is highly conducive to an altered state of consciousness. Three synthesizers, various keyboards, assorted percussion instruments and an antique autoharp create a masterpiece of New Age music. Use it to generate a soothing, healing environment for meditation or massage.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Robert Slap- Ascension to the All That Is

Ascension To The All That Is

One of my favorite Slap releases. This release is over an hour worth of PURE INNER HARMONY. I highly suggest this one to EVERYONE!
from the release inlay:
Music created to capture the feeling of ascending through the astral planes to the seventh level -- the Godhead, the Universal Mind...The All That Is. A masterpiece of synthesized inspirational music. Angelic choirs, celestial strings, and a cathedral organ blend with gentle wind chimes to draw you ever upward into the realms of peace, light, and love. Created and produced by Robert Slap. Digitally mixed and mastered at Valley of the Sun Studios, Agoura Hills, CA. Program Length: 61:35.

Steven Cooper- Soulmate Suite

Soulmate Suite by Steven Cooper
Another Steven Cooper release.

From the inlay: Is a soothing inner harmony musical journey through the pure essence of love into the harmonious union of two perfectly balanced souls. This is the ideal music for lovers: blissful, inspiring music composed of synthesizers, ethereal voices, delicate bells and light strings. Relax and let the music carry you away on the wings of love.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Robert Slap- Sedona: The Psychic Vortex Experience (OST)

Robert Slap/David Naegele- Sedona: The Psychic Vortex Experience

Soundtrack for a video made by Dick Sutphen for Valley of the Sun.
By Robert Slap, Additional keyboard performances are done by David Naegele.

If you would like to watch "Sedona: The Psychic Vortex Experience", click the link below.
Click here to watch SEDONA: The Psychic Vortex Experience

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Robert Slap & Suzanne Ghiglia- Shared Blessings

Flutes, synthesizers, and whale calls! Interesting, huh? It features Suzanne Ghiglia on the flute. Another release on Valley of The Sun was put out by someone with the name "Bray Ghiglia".. Maybe it's an alias? Or it could be someone related.

Shared Blessings

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Karl Schaffner- Many Lives Ago

It's finally here....

Many Lives Ago (1987)

Special thanks to Emejota! Here are Emejota's blog:s

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Staircase/Malcolm Stern- Chakra Dance

After some hunting, I got a hold of this. It's cool. This one has vocals in it, and although I usually prefer my synth music vocal free, this one pulls off having vocals perfectly.

Robert Slap and Steve Powell- Drive (1990)

Drive (1990)
This release isn't like any other releases from Valley of The Sun. This isn't as much of a new age release as it is a synthpop-esque instrumental album. It's a fine album.

Fun fact: Robert Slap is credited as "Bobby Slap" in this release. That makes me laugh but I don't know why.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Robert Slap- Music for Meditation/Music For Yoga

Robert Slap- Music For Meditation/Music For Yoga

To be honest, I don't know if this is a real release, since there is no info on it online. It includes the Eternal OM on it, an amazing track.

Valley Of The Sun Publishing's Hypnagogic Sound/Vibration Tape

Hypnagogic Sound/Vibration Tape, 1982

This is a very odd release. Apparently from some people online who have heard it say it's helpful to them but I just don't get this one. It's more of noise than music,but it's quite a trip. Enjoy.

Upper Astral- Upper Astral Suite

Upper Astral Suite

From 1982 or 1981.

Upper Astral- Skybirds

This is by far my favorite Upper Astral release.

The music has voices synthesized at the same pitch so that your subconscious mind hears it only. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Unknown Artist- Aquamarine


This release is sort of elusive. It has no listed artist, and is a release Valley of The Sun did partnered with the Great American Audio Corp, a company which has long since disappeared from time. I found some info from it on a youtube video, and the inlay card says:
Musical sounds of relaxation.
Indescribably beautiful, incredibly calming, magical in their ability to inspire, balance and harmonize the listener, these are the soothing sounds of relaxation."

From the research I did online, it appears to have been released in May of 1989. There was no more info on it
besides its ISBN, which is 978-1-55569-296-4. My assumption is that this music was created by Robert Slap, since it is very much in his style. Aquamarine was the first Valley of the Sun music tape I ever heard, and it introduced me to this wonderful company. I decided to E-Mail the company myself to find more information on this elusive tape. Here is the response I got:

"That is indeed a very old title. The people who were responsible for creating that title have moved on from the company. I know that Bob Slap was the music director at the time and created a lot of the music used, so it was most likely him. It was another company that actually produced the titles, we just had a licensing agreement with them and carried their product for a while. Haven't seen those titles around in 20 years.

Hope that helps.

Jason D McKean
Valley of the Sun"

David Naegele- Temple In The Forest

David Naegele- Temple in The Forest

This is one of the many sought-after Valley of The Sun releases! I enjoy this one quite a bit!

Denis-Quinn Open Secret

1987- Open Secret
One of the many albums by new age artist Denis Quinn.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

David Naegele- Journeys Out Of Body

This has been posted by people before, but I'm putting it up here as an archive.

Journeys Out Of Body


                              Some information I have found on certain artists from Valley of The Sun.

                                                                 David Naegele

A native of Minnesota, David Naegele displayed a deep love for music at an early age, quickly developing a prodigious talent for the classical and romantic keyboard repertoire. While David considers himself a classical pianist, he loves the sensual, floating and unstructured qualities of New Age music and has co-produced and performed on several new Age music albums.
Taken from the Temple In The Forest CD.

Upper Astral
(No Photo Found)
Upper Astral is a group of Southern California musicians dedicated to the creation of consciousness-raising music.
Taken from inside cover of the Astral Massage CD.

Robert Slap
(Photo will be added at later date)
Multi Instrumentalist Robert Slap, a native of Detroit, has played professionally for 20 years. His philosophy is, "Music is made to generate emotional response; life is a tapestry of ever-changing moods, colors, textures, and emotion. Music reflects life and touches our souls' strings, pulling feelings out with passion into the open. It is the only medium through which I can truly express my innermost feelings." His music spans a wide spectrum of styles that include blues, rock, eastern, classical, and jazz.
Taken from the inside cover of the Atlantis: Crystal Chamber CD.

Steven Cooper

Steve has been a music business professional since 1973.  He's released five instrumental albums on the Valley of the Sun Label.Growing up in LA, Steven was heavily involved in the local music scene. He attended an eight week course held by legendary producer "Phil Spector" sponsored by the LARS in 1971.
In the early-mid 1970's, Steve led the group "Shadybrook" -touring throughout the US and Canada. 
His instrumental abilities include piano, guitar, and drums. He also spent some time as a synthesizer programmer prior to entering the "acoustic world" of Nashville. In 1976, he helped some in the development of the first computer musical instrument, the RMI Keyboard Computer.  His work was featured on a major commercial for EXXON. He is also a graduate of the RIA Recording School in 1982.

Karl Schaffner

Although born in  Landshut,Germany, Karl Schaffner's musical development has mirrored his spiritual travels to the far corners of the world. Indian influences are especially evident in his original productions featuring guitars, bass, hammered dulcimers, and Chinese harps.
Taken from Many Lives Ago cassette

Friday, June 1, 2012

Steven Cooper- Key West Afternoon

Steven Cooper- Key West Afternoon

This one is a bit different sounding than the other Valley of The Sun releases, (some percussion is on this tape) and it's certainly good, plus the title its self makes me feel good. Makes me want to relax...