Friday, April 20, 2018

Majestic Moods - Celtic Glow (1997)

Greetings! Here's a nice release from Majestic Moods, which was a series put out by Sunshine Mountain Productions. Much like the Mystic Harp release from Musical Sounds Of Relaxation, this is a straight harp album with some instruments backing on a couple tracks. You will hear some piano, bells, keyboard and even some nature sounds in this album. Beautiful arrangements in this one. The artist is not listed, but I would assume it is by Mark Britten, because he played harp on other "celtic" releases from Majestic Moods. Harp fans have come to the right place.

Majestic Moods - Celtic Glow (1997)

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Various - New Age Sampler, Vol II (1986)

Another Valley Of The Sun sampler I had forgotten to upload. The best part about it (Besides the comfy album cover) is that we get to hear a snippet of "Transition" by Natopus in high quality. The only full copy we have of that is very poor and distorted. There are also appearances by David Storrs, Robert Slap, Steven Cooper and more.

Various - New Age Sampler, Vol I (1985)

Hello, I am long overdue uploading this here. I have had this (as well as volume II in this series) for over three years or so on my computer collecting dust. This is a sampler of tracks from various VOTS releases, mostly Upper Astral ones.

                                          Various - New Age Sampler

Dick Sutphen - The Zapper (20XX)

Recently got this, it's from Sutphen's site, not sure when it was released. I've been really into the Hypnogogic sound/vibration tape lately, and this is something similar. It's got delta waves and deep pulses for relaxation and though I haven't tried it yet, I bet this would be good to help me with sleep and meditation. Check it out.

                                                    Dick Sutphen's The Zapper
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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hymns By The Sea - Ebbing Tides (1995)

Greetings, friends! I've digitized the second Hymns By The Sea tape I purchased. This Time, Steve Gruskin partners up with cellist Thomas Goode. This might be my favorite out of the three tapes I got. The synths and cello blend so perfectly together. Side A and B are printed on the wrong sides, and I kept it like that in the files to preserve it the way it is.

Hymns By The Sea - Ebbing Tides (1995)

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Hymns By The Sea - Sunset Sea (1995)

Today, a package arrived in my mail with three cassettes: Three of the albums from the Hymns By The Sea series, released by Majestic Moods! I uploaded a CD version of "Gentle Waves" a few years ago, but I am not sure if the copy I got online was the full album. Hymns By The Sea is religious tunes mixed with nature sounds, performed by Steve Gruskin and another guest musician. On this album, Sunset Sea, We have guitarist John Foley. It's very beautiful and a must-listen! 

I apologise that the tape art is somewhat cut off.

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The Majestic Moods series was released by Sunshine Mountains Productions in 1995.
There are four (known) tapes in this series, and I own three of them. The only one I don't have was a special holiday album called Holiday Sunset. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Steve Gruskin - Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep: When Baby Sleeps Soundly, So Do You! (1990)

Third post this week! I just got this in the mail today. Was kind of making a gamble, because there are several lullaby tapes that Great American Audio Corp released and I wasn't sure of the contents on this. 

These are nicely done synthesized bible songs set to ocean sounds with singing by a woman thar I assume is Sherri Huffman, who sang on another Great American Audio Corp lullaby tape. There are two versions of each song on this CD for some reason. There seems to be little to no difference between these versions other than ones being slightly longer or shorter than their counterparts. Sherri Huffman(?)'s singing is soothing and is not too loud or anything, so it is easy to relax to this CD. Originally released on tape in 1990, re-issued in 2000.
I also found another one of the lullaby tapes posted by someone online, so I will download that and upload it too. you'll be getting a lot of new posts from me!

Steve Gruskin/Sherri Huffman - Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (1990)