Monday, May 27, 2013

Celestial Odysseys- Galactic Odyssey (1981))

Celestial Odysseys is essentially Upper Astral (David Storrs and David Naegele) under another name. This was released in 1981, A really nice release if I do say so myself. A little more progressive than the other works, but this release is relaxing nonetheless. Enjoy!

Galactic Odyssey

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Interludes- Ocean Waves (Soothing Sounds of Nature and Music) Gruskin/Vinnie Della-Rocca, GAA 1991)

Another great Interludes album, this time featuring synthesizers by an unknown artist (most likely composer Steve Gruskin) as well as beautiful flute by Vinnie Della-Rocca. More great sounds of the ocean.

Ocean Waves

(I own the CD but I currently do not have the pictures on the computer I'm using, so I'm posting up the cassette cover, CD art is in the rar file)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Michael Fraioli/Steve Gruskin- Interludes: Thunder & Rain (1991)

Another great edition in the "Interludes" series released by the Great American Audio Corp, Cello and synths played, accompanied by rain and thunder, I  enjoy this one a lot since I love the sound of rain.

Interludes: Thunder & Rain

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bray Ghiglia - Lunar Goddess: Music To Mellow Your Mind (1994)

Another album here, this time it's an all-flute album by Bray Ghiglia (Related to Suzanne Ghiglia(?)) from 1994. It is various types of flutes being played, although there is no nature sounds or anything in the background, it's only flute. It is played beautifully.
Bray Ghiglia- Lunar Goddess

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Michael Fraioli/Steve Gruskin- Interludes: Timeless Sea (1991, GAAC)

This is (as far as I know) a release only done by Great American Audio Corp, includes Synthesizers, Cello and Flute accompanied with sounds of the ocean. Released on CD in 1991 by Great American Audio, Produced and Composed by Steven Gruskin, Cello performance by Michael Fraioli. More from the "Interludes" series to come, I bought a few more a few days ago.
Interludes: Timeless Sea