Saturday, December 26, 2015

Robert Martin - Great Peace (1981 - CD QUALITY)

Happy Holidays!
As usual, I got a couple new albums for Christmas to upload here. The first one is Great Peace, by Robert Martin. I have this one up already, but the one previously uploaded was ripped from youtube and was missing a track.  Well, you now get all tracks in awesome quality!

This album is a favorite of mine, especially track 1 - there's a really nice singer on it named Liza Matson, who can also be heard on an obscure Swedish bossa-nova album called "Art & Liza." You can listen to a song from the album here. (This album is highly sought after by bossa nova fans, and the songs were written by Robert Martin. If any of you own this album, send me an e-mail so I can post it here.)

The album isn't electronic. I'll give you a run-down on what you'll hear.

Flute, performed by Bjorn Jim Lindh
Veena Pedal Guitar, performed by Ron Haldorson
Choir, performed by Outsound Choir.

Well, here is Christmas album 1 of 3 - Great Peace!!

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