Friday, March 9, 2018

Jerry Crocker - Feather In The Wind (2000)

Yes, it's finally here! Feather In The Wind, a 2000 release with an incredible performance by Jerry Crocker. This album is absolutely beautiful and must be heard to be believed. Flutes and synthesizer are perfect together.

From the press release:
Feather in the Wind is a collection of soothing Native American flute compositions to quiet your mind and invoke images. Close your eyes and drift away to Southwestern canyons and high mesas where eagles soar in the cloudless skies. Transcend time to perceive an echo of distant drums—forgotten dreams of peaceful times when the people lived in harmony with nature. A master of various wooden and clay flutes, Jerry Crocker also weaves goat-skin drums, synthesizer, effects and nature sounds into his dreamy music.

I am in love with this album, and you will be as well! I have about 4 more releases to post here within the next couple of weeks when they arrive in the mail! I finally got a cassette player/digitizer.

Jerry Crocker - Feather In The Wind

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