Sunday, May 11, 2014

Upper Astral's "Skybirds" Re-released?

It seems to be true, I saw it on Sutphen's website. I wonder if that means we can hear a digitally remastered version of that great album?

"Metaphysical Music by Upper Astral with Subliminal Suggestions by Dick Sutphen 
Track 1: Skybirds is structured for you to transcend levels of consciousness, soaring high above the earth as a bird. Seagulls, the sound of the surf, and an acoustic grand piano are used with a synthesizer which creates soaring arpeggios and subtle French horn-like sounds. You’ll feel like you are circling, circling and soaring through a vast emptiness of beautiful music that supports you and soothes your soul. Subliminal voices are saying, “up, up, higher, higher, fly with me,” and similar phrases.
Track 2: Seagulls and surf are combined with an “Ohm”-sounding synthesizer bed and a gentle, melodic French-horn sound to create a soothing, sustained environment."


  1. That's awesome news. Fingers crossed.

  2. Just received my Skybirds and the new Crystal Cave cds. Excellent sound. Highly recommended. order from

  3. Oh sweet. Skybirds is my fave Upper Astral release.