Monday, May 5, 2014

Dick Sutphen - 3 Altered-State Experiments (2000)

Altered-State hypnosis/meditation tape by Dick Sutphen, features music from David Naegele's Journey out of the body on track 1, Upper Astral's Crystal Cave: Return To Atlantis on track 2, and unknown music on track 3. Truth be told I haven't tried using these for meditation or anything yet but I plan to.

Dick Sutphen- 3 Altered-State Experiments

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  1. Thanks for posting, and even more for locating the sources of these tracks. Dick S. seems to have recycled/recontextualised a lot of older Valley of the Sun music in the 90's - it's great someone is spending time to decode it all.

    Do you know anything about the CDs Madacy put out in the mid/late 90's credited to
    Philippe De Canck? There is one called Oriental Garden ( which carries the same sleeve description/liner notes as their earlier Oriental Gardens CD attributed to Robert Slap.