Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Robin Miller- Celestial Bridge, 1988 (Merry Christmas!)

Got some CD's for christmas, consider this Holiday Update #1! Here's a great release from Robin Miller, "Celestial Bridge".  I'm really enjoying this one, and I hope you do as well. I got the CD version, released on Miller's own label, Miller Music Publishing in 2000. Original tape released in 1988

Robin Miller - Celestial Bridge

If you enjoy his music, please check out his web-site at Happy Holidays, New age fans!

"Celestial music has the power to create a bridge connecting our world and our consciousness to higher spheres.  My purpose in this life is to utilize my talent to this end. As the music flows through me, my wish is for all who experience it to realize they are part of much grander design and are held in the love of spirit."
-Robin Miller


  1. Thanx for sharing ! Another great NA release...

    1. You're welcome. Hopefully I can find more releases. I plan on purchasing Atlantis Healing Temple by Robert Slap soon.