Saturday, November 10, 2012

Robert Slap- In The Caverns Of Your Mind (1984)

Another release from Robert Slap! It's pretty good.

Robert Slap- In The Caverns Of Your Mind

I'll try to get better quality pics later.

[from the insert] "High-energy New Age fusion msuic that is becoming very popular on the West Coast. Robert combines guitar and synthesizer sounds with percussion and the natural sounds of surf and wind, to generate a very exciting musical excursion in which you'll explore the limitless internal harmonies of your mind. The album is a collection of themes that will trigger internal responses, including chakra stimulationl (c) 1984 by Robert Slap. Engineer: Dan Hillard Catalogue number AM123. Stereo.

1 comment:

  1. This one's wonderful, Job (or Tom, I can't remember which I should call you). West coast US jazzy, R&B, surfer life, psychedelic trance music becomes somewhere where West coast US trance and Oriental meditation trance music meet.

    Not so long, though, at less than 16 minutes each side. It's nice though to have a short, simple fix or reference like this is, though.

    Thank you, as always.