Sunday, September 23, 2012

David Storrs- Manifestation of The Pyramids (1986)

Finally, we get to hear the music of David Storrs! And I'm enjoying it!

From the press release:
An awe-inspiring example of what New Age music can be. This is music that will stimulate ancient memories. Close your eyes and see the perfectly cut stones of the Great Pyramid being levitated into position by the power of the mind. Heavenly voices proclaim this, inspiring visions of glory, reverence and power.

Enjoy David Storrs' work:

David Storrs- Manifestation of the Pyramids


  1. Hi, i's no new age music, nothing to do with Upper Astral or DAvid NAEGELE... Rather a music tale inspired by the egyptian pyramids.
    Not specially relaxing !

    1. Of course it's not Upper Astral or Naegele. It's David Storrs.

      It's more like progressive new age. If you don't like it, don't complain to me, dude.

      You'll enjoy the next David Naegele tape I'm posting though, it's VERY relaxing.

  2. Hi all - David Storrs here, I spoke to D Naegele yesterday - asked him to join in - bring light to some
    questions re production of his tracks - he was the force behind most of the music - a great Musican - and very humble & creative

    1. Hey, David. I'm a big fan of yours and Naegele's music.

      Only Temple in the Forest was Re-released, but the audio quality isn't the greatest. It would be amazing if You, Naegele, Robert Slap and Upper Astral Re-released ALL of your new age. It would be great.

      Thanks for the comment.

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  5. To David Storrs
    Hey there have you got cd version or mp3 download of this Manifestations of the Pyramids pls Im so hooked that now my tape busted and it ruined my cassette player too. And also I am making cards for my egypt series of ascension codexes and really feel a 5min or so snippet of one of the tunes will polish well and i will credit u fully and website too if you have one pls message me on thankyou, Corrina

  6. So happy to find this, my mother bought a few of the valley of the sun new age music tapes in a shop in Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England in 1995. They sent missing a few years later. This was definitely one of them and my favourite.

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