Thursday, September 27, 2012

David Naegele- Dreams of Atlantis (1982)

Ok, we have a great one coming up here. Another awesome David Naegele tape. From the tape's insert:

"Piano, harp synthesizers and effects recreates life on the lost continent, a world of crystals and highly evolved spiritual people. Close your eyes and allow forgotten memories to flow. Side 2 is "Neptune Fantasy," capturing a water world in which all flows naturally, in balance with the higher energies. You won't want to come back."

David Naegele- Dreams of Atlantis!


  1. Many thanx Serveaux for this post. Beautiful & relaxing music. Inspiration is at the rendez-vous...

    1. You're very welcome, sir or ma'am.

      Speaking of Rendezvous, there's an Upper Astral release called "Higher-Self Rendezvous". Still looking for that one.

      Hopefully, more to come. 2 people have commented in the past few weeks mentioning they had Robert Slap's "In The Caverns Of Your Mind" and The Musical Sounds of Relaxation release "Emerald Green". I'm keeping my hopes up that we get to hear them.

    2. uh, yeah, I got 4 more tapes to make copies of before I ship them off to you Woody. got a snag in my life tho. an old friend decided to stab me in the back.
      I did try in the past get her to listen to some of Supthen's self-hypnosis tapes, but as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water ...
      thank you so much for this post - I recognize the music on side 2 - Neptune Fantasy as the background music on a couple of Sutphen's self-hypnosis tapes I have. - btw, I have a lot of the old HP series tapes, and about 9 of the RX-17 tapes. I'm also working on a master list of titles from a couple of old Master of Life and Soaring Spirit catalogues I have. I have a list of all the HP and RX-17 tapes and will print it out and send it with the first batch of tapes (10), that includes Emerald Green.

    3. Cool, but why did you call me Woody?

    4. Hm, ok. Well, if You have any way to record cassettes, you can rip them and stuff if you'd like to help with the page.