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                              Some information I have found on certain artists from Valley of The Sun.

                                                                 David Naegele

A native of Minnesota, David Naegele displayed a deep love for music at an early age, quickly developing a prodigious talent for the classical and romantic keyboard repertoire. While David considers himself a classical pianist, he loves the sensual, floating and unstructured qualities of New Age music and has co-produced and performed on several new Age music albums.
Taken from the Temple In The Forest CD.

Upper Astral
(No Photo Found)
Upper Astral is a group of Southern California musicians dedicated to the creation of consciousness-raising music.
Taken from inside cover of the Astral Massage CD.

Robert Slap
(Photo will be added at later date)
Multi Instrumentalist Robert Slap, a native of Detroit, has played professionally for 20 years. His philosophy is, "Music is made to generate emotional response; life is a tapestry of ever-changing moods, colors, textures, and emotion. Music reflects life and touches our souls' strings, pulling feelings out with passion into the open. It is the only medium through which I can truly express my innermost feelings." His music spans a wide spectrum of styles that include blues, rock, eastern, classical, and jazz.
Taken from the inside cover of the Atlantis: Crystal Chamber CD.

Steven Cooper

Steve has been a music business professional since 1973.  He's released five instrumental albums on the Valley of the Sun Label.Growing up in LA, Steven was heavily involved in the local music scene. He attended an eight week course held by legendary producer "Phil Spector" sponsored by the LARS in 1971.
In the early-mid 1970's, Steve led the group "Shadybrook" -touring throughout the US and Canada. 
His instrumental abilities include piano, guitar, and drums. He also spent some time as a synthesizer programmer prior to entering the "acoustic world" of Nashville. In 1976, he helped some in the development of the first computer musical instrument, the RMI Keyboard Computer.  His work was featured on a major commercial for EXXON. He is also a graduate of the RIA Recording School in 1982.

Karl Schaffner

Although born in  Landshut,Germany, Karl Schaffner's musical development has mirrored his spiritual travels to the far corners of the world. Indian influences are especially evident in his original productions featuring guitars, bass, hammered dulcimers, and Chinese harps.
Taken from Many Lives Ago cassette

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