Sunday, June 3, 2012

Unknown Artist- Aquamarine


This release is sort of elusive. It has no listed artist, and is a release Valley of The Sun did partnered with the Great American Audio Corp, a company which has long since disappeared from time. I found some info from it on a youtube video, and the inlay card says:
Musical sounds of relaxation.
Indescribably beautiful, incredibly calming, magical in their ability to inspire, balance and harmonize the listener, these are the soothing sounds of relaxation."

From the research I did online, it appears to have been released in May of 1989. There was no more info on it
besides its ISBN, which is 978-1-55569-296-4. My assumption is that this music was created by Robert Slap, since it is very much in his style. Aquamarine was the first Valley of the Sun music tape I ever heard, and it introduced me to this wonderful company. I decided to E-Mail the company myself to find more information on this elusive tape. Here is the response I got:

"That is indeed a very old title. The people who were responsible for creating that title have moved on from the company. I know that Bob Slap was the music director at the time and created a lot of the music used, so it was most likely him. It was another company that actually produced the titles, we just had a licensing agreement with them and carried their product for a while. Haven't seen those titles around in 20 years.

Hope that helps.

Jason D McKean
Valley of the Sun"

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