Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Do We Have So Far? (UPDATED 9/24/12)

Here are the releases I currently have. Some I own as hard copies, some I only have mp3s of.
Robert Slap- East Of West
Robert Slap- Zen Morning
Robert Slap- Eternal Om
Robert Slap- Ascension To The All That Is
Robert Slap- Atlantis: Crystal Chamber
Robert Slap- Om Sanctuary
Robert Slap- Music For Meditation/Music For Yoga
Robert Slap- Mystic Memories
Robert Slap/Steve Powell- Drive
Robert Slap/Suzanne Ghiglia- Shared Blessings
Robert Slap- New Age Gregorian Chants
Robert Slap/David Naegele- Sedona: The Psychic Vortex Experience
Robert Slap- Reflections Of Reflections
Robin Miller- From My Heart
David Naegele- Dreamscapes
David Naegele- Journeys Out Of Body
David Naegele- Temple In The Forest
David Naegele- Dreams of Atlantis
David Storrs- Manifestation of The Pyramids
Denis Quinn- Open Secret
Pierre Lescaut- Helianthe
Upper Astral- Skybirds
Upper Astral- Journey To The Edge Of The Universe
Upper Astral- Upper Astral Suite
Upper Astral- Astral Massage
Upper Astral- Crystal Cave: Return To Atlantis
Upper Astral- Entrance To The Secret Lagoon
Upper Astral- Finding Your Soul Mate
Steven Cooper- Key West Afternoon
Steven Cooper- Transendence
Steven Cooper- Soulmate Suite
Steven Cooper- Crystal Garden
Dick Sutphen- Trance Sex
Dick Sutphen/Upper Astral- The Alchemist
Unknown- Hypnogogic Sound/Vibration Tape
Musical Sounds Of Relaxation- Aquamarine
Musical Sounds Of Relaxation- Nightwinds
Musical Sounds Of Relaxation- Ocean Echoes
Musical Sounds of Relaxation- Tranquilities
Musical Sounds of Relaxation- You Are The Sea
Karl Schaffner- Many Lives Ago
Karl Schaffner- White Dove
Karl Schaffner- Birds Of Passage
Malcom Stern- Chakra Dance
Gentle Wind And Rain- Inner Vistas
Natopus- Transition
Gloria Thomas- When I Inherit The Wind
Sounds Of Nature- Nightbirds
Sounds of Nature- Desert Oasis
Sounds of Nature- Creek In The Forest

I will post these up on my blog over time.

Please help out and find more of this beautiful meditation music to do your part!

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