Monday, March 7, 2016

New Age Compositons From a Few Dick Sutphen Albums (Various Years)

Hello, everyone. Not only did I turn 21 recently, but I have some great recordings to share with you all!

I bought a couple Dick Sutphen albums recently, and a few of them had some great instrumental new age pieces on them that I have never heard before, and I compiled them up for you. It's all great electronic stuff, and very relaxing! Enjoy this, it's a real collection of gems!

Includes Recordings from the following Sutphen albums:
Creative Visualization (Beautiful electric piano suite)
Intensify Creative Ability (Dreamy ambient piece with ocean waves)
Manifest A Miracle In Your Life (Wonderful piece with flutes and synths)
Perfect Weight, Perfect Body (Light-hearted synth piece)
White Light Meditation (Droning minimal piece w/ guided meditation)


  1. congrats on the 21st year around the sun! Also thank you for your sharing all this wonderful music. Ive been listening to new age music/ambient since its hey day i.e. the 1980s and your site introduced me to entire new catalog of artists I would have never discovered.

  2. Happy b-day (late)!

    A rare Valley of the Sun recording that just surfaced:

  3. Adding to EMERALD GREEN and YOU ARE THE SEA and all the others we have from the ROBERT SLAP produced MUSICAL SOUNDS OF RELAXATION series...Here is HIGH AS A KITE :

    1. I don't believe we have emerald green yet, but this is awesome!