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I have gone back to fix this listing right here.
REMEMBER: There may always be releases I do not know exist yet.

*There are a few releases from Karl Schaffner, Daniel Berthiaume and others  that were not put on Valley of the Sun- despite that, I have them named here and still will post them when I get 'em (and when I discover new ones)

Robert Slap

Musical Sounds Of Relaxation (Various Artists-All released 1989)
Emerald Green: Musical Sounds of Relaxation
High as a Kite: Musical Sounds of Relaxation
Mystic Harp: Musical Sounds of Relaxation
Topaz: Musical Sounds of Relaxation

Galactic Odyssey

Bray Ghiglia

Jerry Crocker
Feather In The Wind (2000)

Upper Astral

Daniel Berthiaume
Ego (2009)
Les Grands Classiques For Relaxation (2009)
The Nature of Silence (2009)

David Naegele
Classical Meditations (1980)
Pentatonic Suite (1981)
Reveries (1981)

David Storrs
Aerobic Exercise (1983)
Channel For The Light (1984)

Steven Cooper
The Planets (Unreleased)

Karl Shaffner
The Voyage (19??)
Music For Friends (19??)

Unknown Artist
The Beat To The Theta Tape (1978)

Robert Martin
You Hit My Heart (1983)
You Are My Friend (1984)

Interludes Series (Mike Fraioli, Steve Gruskin, ect)
Babbling Brook (19??)
Mountain Stream (19??)
Thunder and Waves (19??)
Holiday Interludes: Eternal Sea (19??)
Hidden Lake (1987)

Majestic Moods Series (Steve Gruskin, ect)

Piano By The Sea (1995)
Irish Fiddle (19??)
Guitar By The Sea (1995)
Celtic Dawn (19??)
Harp By The Sea (1995)
Hymns By The Sea: Sunset Sea (19??)
Hymns By The Sea: Epping Tide (19??)

NOTE: There are always tapes that we have not discovered the names of yet. So remember, even if it's not on here, we may not have it. Works that are by familiar valley of the sun or GAA artists that are done on other labels will be here too, so if anyone knows of any, bring them up.

Extra! Steve Gruskin's Biography!


  1. Hi Serveaux,

    Sorry that this is as bit off topic to the post, but I've found no other way to contact you.

    I'm writing some pieces about VOTS artists for my website

    I'm already in touch with David Storrs and David Naegele.

    I wonder if you have any idea as to Robert Slap's wherabouts? I'd like to contact him too. He seems to have disappeared from the grid completely. None of the "Robert Slaps" I've found online seem to fit his description.

    You can contact me at:


    Mike G.

  2. I can't find Robert Slap anywhere. I have been in contact with Steven Cooper, David Naegele, David Storrs, JD McKean, and Steve Gruskin, but I do not feel it is respectable to give out their E-mail addresses. I did contact Dick Sutphen himself once, maybe you can find out from Dick himself. I'm sure you could find out where to contact him online somewhere. I have some quotes from e-mail exchanges with Storrs, Cooper and Naegele quoted somewhere on my blog, if you like you can use those on your website.

    Nice to see another ambient lover.

  3. Thanks - will definitely mention and link to your site in my piece. It's thanks to you that I discovered VOTS. ;) I'd only ever head of David Naegele, and that was in some dusty new age catalogue I had back in the late 80's.

    David Storrs told me that he spoke to Dick Sutphen's son recently and aksed him about Robert Slap's whereabouts. All that he discovered was that:

    1. At some point Robert Slap moved away from California
    2. He was believed to be doing film scores.

    That's all I have. There's no credits on IMDB for any film scores by him.

    If anyone reading this can help further re. Robert Slap's whereabouts, please contact me!

    Mike G.

    1. Interesting info!

      I can't find much on Slap but if you listen to his album "Drive" you can really hear he could be good with movie scores.

  4. HI Serveaux

    Here's the link to my new article about Upper Astral and VOTS if you'd like to repost it:

    Your blog is linked at the end, in a quote from David Storrs.

    Mike G.

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    1. Wow, Looked at the dates and saw 1977 on them, that's probably the earliest I've seen as far as things to be put on this site.

      No info on the musician, I wouldn't know who did it.

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  7. Several new finds:

    Karl Schaffner "Flying Carpet"

    Karl Schaffner "Mountains in the Sea" (new, improved rip with correct tracks)

    David Storrs and Tony Selvage "Harmonic Dreamtime"

    Valley of the Sun Publishing's "Only Subliminals" (all music)

    1. Awesome. "Only Subliminals" features excerpts from David Naegele's "Dreams of Atlantis" (A little bit from both sides of the tape) and some other music I do not recognize.