Monday, March 11, 2013

Tape Remasters & A Message from David Naegele

Hey. I'm just letting you all know that I have been working to remove hiss and add some extra reverb and quality to some of the tape rips I have up here, and I will be posting some up soon.

Also, David Storrs and I have been in contact since mid February. He introduced David Naegele (Who is his neighbor) to my blog and Naegele had this comment to make:

Hi Serveaux... My name is David Naegele and I was introduced to your blog by David Storrs. 
FYI> I worked at VOS Publishing from fall of 1980 until 1991 and I was the in-house music producer from 1980 through spring of 1983 when Robert Slap took over those duties. I'm primarily a classical pianist, so my 1st production was a collection of mellow piano pieces called 'Classical Meditations' (AM104)in November 1980.
In 1981, I produced both 'Upper Astral Suite'(AM105) and 'Manifestations'(AM106) followed by 2 more titles under my name: 'Pentatonic Suite'(AM107) and 'Reveries' (AM108).
In the winter of 1982, I got together with my friend and neighbor David Storrs and collaborated on the Upper Astral title 'Crystal Cave(Back To Atlantis)'(AM109) and another title under my name called 'Dreams of Atlantis' (AM110).
In October of 1982, David Storrs and I collaborated on 2 Upper Astral titles: 'Skybirds' (AM111) and 'Entrance to the Secret Lagoon' (AM113); and a title under my name called 'Temple In The Forest' (AM112).
Around February of 1983, David Storrs (who is an all-around talented musician, composer and producer) went on a tremendous creative binge and produced 6 titles in the span of about a week, including: 'Dawning of the New Age' (AM114), 'Journeys Out of Body' (AM115) and 'Dreamscapes' (AM116) under my name (even though I didn't contribute more than equipment, concepts and ad copy); and then 'Celestial Odysseys' (AM117) under the name of Galactic Odyssey; and then 2 more Upper Astral titles called 'Higher-Self Rendezvous' (AM118) and 'Journey to the Edge of the Universe' (AM119). After that, I turned over my duties to Robert Slap at VOS and the only other Upper Astral title after he took over production duties was called 'Astral Massage' (AM140).
When it came time to transfer all the early cassette titles to the new CD technology in 1987, only one title had master tapes in good enough quality for digital transfer to CD and that was my 'Temple In The Forest' title. Of course VOS went on with many other titles from David Storrs, Robert Slap, Robin Miller, Karl Schaffner, Robert Martin and others. I have not had any personal contact with VOS since I left in 1991, but I must admit those were some of the best years of life. I'm happy that some of that old music has survived all these years. -- David Naegele

Will post some info and trivia shared by Storrs once I get his approval.


  1. David NEEDS to release some of his and Upper Astral's music and get it on cd! Even nicely made cdr's. Kunaki(a US based company) can make the cd's on demand i.e. you only make what you need(they are extremely affordable too!). I am an ambient and electronic music composer and VOS I was not familiar with until I found this blog (thank you blogger!).

    Its nice to see people reconnecting to this style of music as I was inspired by new age music in my teens back in the 1980's as an alt to mainstream music.

    I wont say new age saved me from pop stardom but it was a positive and rewarding connection thats always inherent in the music I create today!

    Get this stuff out for people to listen to Valley of the Sun and its "former" artists!

    1. I am SO happy to see a REAL post from a REAL person and not an ad.

      Anyway, check out more of the music I have up here, it's absolutely beautiful and I bet it could be inspirational for your own music too.

  2. Yeah there are REAL people out here looking for this long lost music.

    Its truly a loss when the mainstream radio waves and even to some degree internet radio has lost the interest in the "art" of music. Instrumental music is really something that crosses all cultural and political borders.

    I can just hope some of the artists music you resurrected visit this site and re-release their music on cd or I-Tunes!

    Keep up the good work and for god's sale delete all the spam postings its a good way to deter the "real" people from your excellent site!!