Tuesday, January 1, 2013

UPDATE 4/26/213- 2013 Release listing (WHAT I DO NOT HAVE)

I figured It was time to have a fresh start for the new year and make a new page on what I do not have.
REMEMBER: There may always be releases I do not know exist yet.

*There are a few releases from Karl Schaffner that were not put on Valley of the Sun- despite that, I have them named here and still will post them when I get 'em.

Robert Slap
Search for Utopia (1988)
Atlantis: Healing Temple (1990)

Musical Sounds Of Relaxation (Various Artists-All released 1989)
Emerald Green: Musical Sounds of Relaxation
High as a Kite: Musical Sounds of Relaxation
Mystic Harp: Musical Sounds of Relaxation
Topaz: Musical Sounds of Relaxation

Galactic Odyssey
Celestial Odysseys (1983)

Bray Ghiglia
Lunar Goddess (1994)

Jerry Crocker
Feather In The Wind (2000)

Upper Astral
Higher Self-Rendezvous (19??)
Emergence Into The Light (With Dick Sutphen, 1983)

David Naegele
Dawning of The New Age (1983)
Classical Meditations (1980)
Pentatonic Suite (1981)
Reveries (1981)

David Storrs
Aerobic Exercise (1983)
Channel For The Light (1984)

Steven Cooper
Angels Of The Sun (1988)

Karl Shaffner
The Voyage (19??)
Music For Friends (19??)
Mountains in The Sea (19??)
Flying Carpet (19??)

Unknown Artist
The Beat To The Theta Tape (1978)

Robert Martin

NOTE: There are always tapes that we have not discovered the names of yet. So remember, even if it's not on here, we may not have it.


  1. Hi, you already have David Storr's Sedona Sunrise:

    David Storr's Aerobic Exercise and Channel for the Light appear to be available from:

    Robert Martin's Divine Light is not included in your list:

    However, it's available through amazon.com:

  2. I was never aware of this release by Robert Martin! Thanks for notifying me. However, I currently have no working tape players or items to rip cassettes with, so I'll pass on buying the tapes.

    Also, thanks for letting me know I missed something to remove from the list.

  3. You're welcome. Btw, discogs.com has a discography of Valley of the Sun albums that may include items you are not aware of:

    1. Some of the releases I didn't include are non-music, this blog was primarily for the new age releases. Although since I've been able to post up so many, I will start to list those non-music ones as well

  4. Hi Serveaux, please find a link for Robert Slap

    Till soon,

    1. I'm looking. I will most likely purchase a copy on amazon if I find one at a reasonable price. Cheers.

    2. Hi Serveaux, you mentioned in a previous post that you have "Om Sanctuary" by Robert Slap, but it is missing from your blog.

  5. Hi I have copy of Higher self rendezvous and Angels of the sun on cassette. I too love the upper astral and have a few of them. Wish I could have them all on cd!

    1. I've been looking for those for ages! Would you be willing to rip the cassettes and send them so we can put them up on the blog?

  6. Id be happy to do that for you, myself included since I cant find cds of Upper Astral or Steve Cooper, I dont want to wear out the tapes I have by playing originals too much! Do you know who has all the original recordings of all this beautiful music and if they will ever go to cd?
    Have you heard of Rick Millers «Starsong» you might like his music.
    Let me know where to send these to you.

    1. I assume Dick Sutphen has all the mastered audio or something. I own quite a bit CDs, as far as I know, the only Upper Astral album released on CD was Astral Massage. You can contact me at Stateofcykosis@gmail.com, and I suggest you share the albums by using some sort of file-sharing site.

    2. I have Manifestation also. Do you still need it?

    3. I'm always happy to help convert from tape to digital files. Just let me know if you need me.

    4. Happydogs, we discovered another Karl Schaffner release called "Peace" and another Robert Martin release, too. Working on trying to find them.

    5. By the way, Starsong is amazing release. I have both that and it's earlier version called "Limberlost." NOt a Valley of the Sun release but very similar.

    6. I heard a snippet of Starsongs, but couldn't find a download to it or its original version. It is amazing, though.

    7. Hold on, I found Starsongs And Limberlost, dunno if they are the full songs though.

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  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Finally! I know you had been looking for this one a lot.

      I'm gonna post it up in a few!

  9. Hi Serveaux... My name is David Naegele and I was introduced to your blog by David Storrs.
    FYI> I worked at VOS Publishing from fall of 1980 until 1991 and I was the in-house music producer from 1980 through spring of 1983 when Robert Slap took over those duties. I'm primarily a classical pianist, so my 1st production was a collection of mellow piano pieces called 'Classical Meditations' (AM104)in November 1980.
    In 1981, I produced both 'Upper Astral Suite'(AM105) and 'Manifestations'(AM106) followed by 2 more titles under my name: 'Pentatonic Suite'(AM107) and 'Reveries' (AM108).
    In the winter of 1982, I got together with my friend and neighbor David Storrs and collaborated on the Upper Astral title 'Crystal Cave(Back To Atlantis)'(AM109) and another title under my name called 'Dreams of Atlantis' (AM110).
    In October of 1982, David Storrs and I collaborated on 2 Upper Astral titles: 'Skybirds' (AM111) and 'Entrance to the Secret Lagoon' (AM113); and a title under my name called 'Temple In The Forest' (AM112).
    Around February of 1983, David Storrs (who is an all-around talented musician, composer and producer) went on a tremendous creative binge and produced 6 titles in the span of about a week, including: 'Dawning of the New Age' (AM114), 'Journeys Out of Body' (AM115) and 'Dreamscapes' (AM116) under my name (even though I didn't contribute more than equipment, concepts and ad copy); and then 'Celestial Odysseys' (AM117) under the name of Galactic Odyssey; and then 2 more Upper Astral titles called 'Higher-Self Rendezvous' (AM118) and 'Journey to the Edge of the Universe' (AM119). After that, I turned over my duties to Robert Slap at VOS and the only other Upper Astral title after he took over production duties was called 'Astral Massage' (AM140).
    When it came time to transfer all the early cassette titles to the new CD technology in 1987, only one title had master tapes in good enough quality for digital transfer to CD and that was my 'Temple In The Forest' title. Of course VOS went on with many other titles from David Storrs, Robert Slap, Robin Miller, Karl Schaffner, Robert Martin and others. I have not had any personal contact with VOS since I left in 1991, but I must admit those were some of the best years of life. I'm happy that some of that old music has survived all these years. -- David Naegele

    1. Hello, David! I hope you are well. I am glad to hear from you and I am very happy that you have provided me with such information- I always thought the upper astral releases were collaborations with you and Robert Slap (The similar styles led me to believe this), Also I must thank you for bringing up some releases I had no prior knowledge of. I enjoy your music quite a lot and I hope to be able to find them in the future. Do you still make music independently, by any chance? Did you ever do more music since leaving in 1991?

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  18. Any updates? Pam had some releases. I'm happy to convert them if you want.

    Also, any word on David Storrs "Channel for the Light". Somebody had one of those, too.


    1. Yes. Sounds of The Dawn is going to upload Channel For The Light soon, and he is also planning on uploading another Dick Sutphen/Upper Astral collaboration. I'm hoping he's talking about "Emergence Into The Light (1983)", I just discovered that release today while on amazon. I may buy Bray Ghiglia's "Lunar Goddess" on Amazon soon.

      I need to discuss Angels of The Sun (Cooper) with Pam.

      Also, do you still have Atlantis Healing Temple?

    2. Got new releases, Bray Ghiglia's Moon Goddess, and 3 new interludes albums (Need to post up the other two)

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks! I have 2 Interludes releases to upload now, and 1 more coming in the mail!

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  22. Did you get the Galactic Odysseys?

  23. And Emergence into the Light?

    1. Yes, I got them both, I just didn't get around to posting them up yet, going to do it soon though.

  24. Replies
    1. Also, did you check out Interludes?

      I ordered 2 other Interludes Albums but it'll be a while before they get here.

    2. I'll put up emergence tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!

      2 More interludes are gonna be coming in the mail soon by the way.

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  27. Hello Job.

    It's Le Cochon Bleu (from Youtube) here.

    Someone recently contacted me via Youtube asking me about a recording "Soothing Seas" which they thought was in the same series of "Aquamarine". I actually remember "Soothing Seas" from a long, long time ago, and that I think it was one of my favourites, but not the sound of it. This person also had memories and wondered about the recording.

    Anyway, I happened to find someone just sold a copy in Ebay (I missed, damn). But it shows a photo, and, yes, it's Great American, and very similar to "Aquamarine".

    So, I'm letting you know you could add this to your Valley of the Sun recordings you do not have but seek.


    I can't upload a photo taken from that Ebay page (as the Ebay auction pages disappear after a little while). But maybe I can upload to a file site. I don't know when you may see this post.

    Best wishes. Cheers.

  28. ...

    "Soothing Seas" GAA / Valley of the Sun, cassette photo:


    1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  29. Hi, Serveaux. Did you ever find a copy of David Storr's CHANNEL FOR THE LIGHT. Do I remember correctly that you had a lead on that one?

    1. I did but the person who said they had it never uploaded it to their blog account.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.