Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Robert Slap- You Are The Sea (Musical Sounds of Relaxation) 1989

Another release in the Musical Sounds of Relaxation series, and a great one at that:

You Are The Sea (1989)


  1. Released on CD as "the mystic sea" on the box set "the ultimate new age experience"...

  2. Hiya Job. It's Le Cochon Bleu (from Youtube) who you contacted recently.

    I realise or remember some times that I used to know most of this stuff, certainly the Robert Slap stuff that didn't come under particularly names, when I was a boy. But I also knew some of the stuff by Upper Astral. It's all very distant stuff now to me. I feel old. I always thought it was so amazing. I'm so pleased to find this, and have yet really to get into all of this.


    1. Hey. I have lots of Slap and Upper Astral on here. Another artist similar to both of them is David Naegele, I suggest you check him out too. Those three and Steven Cooper are my favorite artists from Valley of The Sun.

      Also, I must give you thanks, because if it wasn't for you posting up "Aquamarine" up on youtube, I never would have had the chance to hear all this music and make this blog. Expect the high quality version of "Aquamarine" to be posted up later today.