Monday, July 16, 2012

Musical Sounds Of Relaxation (SERIES INFO)

Some background info courtesy of Jason D McKean of Valley of The Sun:

". There were a series of 6 or 10 that were made and distributed through Great American. 20 years or so ago. Anyone who would know is no longer around. Maybe it was created by Robert Slap, he did a lot of the music back then. Maybe not. Could've been in tandem with other artists."

Musical Sounds of Relaxation release listing- These are the ones I'm aware of so far. From my research, most of or all of these were released in 1989. Included is further information on Amazon.

*Aquamarine (1989) Music by Robert SlapAmazon link for info + Purchase, someone has it for sale.

Snow Dreams (1989) Music by Unknown. Amazon link

*You Are The Sea (1989) Music by unknown Amazon info

Topaz (1989) Music by unknown Amazon info

High as a Kite (1989) Music by unknown amazon info

Emerald Green (1989) Music by unknown Amazon info

*Tranquilities (19??) Music by Robert Slap Info

*Ocean Echoes (1989)  Music by unknown Amazon info

Mystic Harp (19??) Music By Carol Emanuel Amazon info

*Nightshades by Robert Slap

Oriental Garden by Robert Slap

*=I already have them on this blog


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    1. Some of these recordings made their way on CDs in a box set "the ultimate new age experience" manufactured by Dist Madacy Inc...

    2. Really? I'll go look that up! Thanks for the info!

  2. see:
    "nightwhispers" is "nightwinds", I don't know for the other CDS.

  3. I just picked up the set. Mystic Sea and Ocean Echoes are VERY similar but they seem to be different releases. I can also confirm that Nightwhispers is Nightwinds. That may be the only overlap.

  4. Oops. Correcting my own post. "The Mystic Sea" is the same recording as "You Are the Sea" on Great American Audio cassette. Both of these are Robert Slap.

    "Celestial Echoes" and "Interludes" seem to be unique. Unclear if this is Robert Slap as no artist is listed. But the recordings share similar properties to the other Robert Slap recordings.

    1. Intresting. Do you have "You Are The Sea" already?

  5. I had them all on tape in 1990 but am finding it difficult to get them on CD

    1. You should try to convert them to MP3.